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  • Ancor Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • OndŇôej Holeńćek
  • Antoine Ginies
  • Ladislav Slezak
  • Imobach Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • Lukas Ocilka
  • David D√≠az Gonz√°lez
  • Iv√°n L√≥pez Gonz√°lez
  • Knut Anderssen Gonz√°lez
  • Joaquin Rivera
  • Please add yourself


  • Status of the experiment of the initrd running containers (
    • At early research phase: currently an initrd with Podman (Podman to be removed/streamlined in the future)
    • Ondrej is looking for input about how to orchestrate the containers that would do the actual work.
      • Reminder: we had already agreed to try an approach similar to GitHub actions (as commented in the Trello card).
      • Ladislav to improve the information in that card with links to more concrete documentation on the topic.
    • Ondrej to prepare some drawing to graphically explain the concept we are prototyping.
    • Ancor to ensure the advantages of the approach in terms of signed content are documented (that aspect is currently not mentioned).
    • Started some discussions about the granularity of the containers and whether each container should take care of its own interaction with the user.
  • Status of D-Installer (
    • Created a CLI that can be used to control the process or to implement unattended installation (video).
    • Added support to install Leap Micro
    • WIP: split into several services that work in parallel as different processes
  • D-Installer's future and its relationship with the initrd+containers prototype
    • The independent components that are being split could become inter-changeable containers in the future
    • Since it can (almost) install MicroOS, we should start promoting it more
    • Before starting that promotion, should we reconsider the name? (
    • We are NOT focusing on improving the UI to specify complex storage setups, although that's a crucial aspect:
      • Should we prioritize more the development of such features in the new web UI?
      • Does it makes sense to just add the possibility to launch the current YaST Partitioner (with its own UI) in the middle of the process? After all, that would be aligned with the plan of having several containerized moving pieces and the YaST team is making progress containerizing the Partitioner
  • Status of the other cards in "doing"
    • Nothing has changed, Ancor and Iv√°n need to move the content to a more appropriate place and then move the cards to "done"