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  • Ancor Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • OndŇôej Holeńćek
  • Andreas F√§rber
  • Imobach Gonz√°lez Sosa
  • Jiri Srain
  • David D√≠az Gonz√°lez
  • Iv√°n L√≥pez Gonz√°lez
  • Knut Anderssen Gonz√°lez
  • Georg Pf√ľtzenreuter
  • Add yourself if I forgot your name


  • Welcome newcomers and summary of the context/mission/scope of the work-group
  • Discussed a reasonable goal: a modular installer that can (optionally) configure the network and then get its different components and the system to install (all that could also be in a local source).
  • Ondrej elaborate on his idea already outlined here.
    • Small initrd that can execute containers
    • The installer itself is made of containers to perform the different steps
      • It may impact the memory requirements, but is worth trying
      • The containers should be able to communicate its result to other containers through some API (json files?)
    • Installation itself could work like this:
      • Installer analyses the system and gets requirements (interactively or from some source of configuration)
      • Installer generates a manifest based on the previous step
      • That manifest is used to generate a fully customized image
      • The image is deployed
  • Tasks:
    • Try to build a small initrd that can execute containers, to research how feasible the whole idea is.