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Design Goals

  • Wont use transactional updates
  • Wont use containers in the core of the OS but will support running containerized workloads from ALP
  • Be a base that's easy for the community to build on.
  • Support X11 Desktop Environments
  • Be an Ideal solution for embedded systems.
  • Migration from Leap 15 systems
  • Continue to offer desktop apps as rpm's where possible.


  • Packages SUSE ALP supports in "Bare Metal Mode"
  • KVM Server
  • X11
  • Enlightenment
  • XFCE
  • Anything else people would like to contribute.
  • x86_64
  • aarch64 (Raspberry Pi)

The reason for this scope is these are the requirements for my personal KVM Desktop Server alongside XFCE as its a popular community option. This is what I could commit to maintaining at a stretch it should also be enough to have a base for many other community packages. The idea is we will add more as people step up to help.

Goals achieved during Hackweek 2023

  • Setup a "Backports" repository for "Community Packages"
  • Created a basic generic kvm image based on ALP
  • Created desktop KVM (qcow2) images for Enlightenment, GNOME and Xfce
  • Created desktop Live CD (iso) images for Enlightenment, GNOME and Xfce

To do

  • Setup basic openQA testing based off existing tumbleweed tests.
  • Create a Raspberry Pi image for testing
  • KDE images