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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 08:00 UTC in


  • Dirk Mueller
  • Dominique Leuenberger
  • Adrian Schröter
  • Alex Lau
  • Ludwig Nussel
  • Marcus Meissner
  • Stephan Barth
  • Jan Zerebecki ,

Discussion Items

    • Jan looked into Concourse as a CI job scheduler and it appeared to work well
    • Suggested to use this instead of implementing a custom webserver / web hook
  • Security Supply Chain Discussion with Marcus and Marco Varlese
    • The Github Enterprise task by IT was halted for now, so evaluating that would not be urgent at this point
    • We will wait until we have a final proposal for “Phase 2” (Staging/CI in a git project)
      • Main need is to ensure that we have two person review on merges and 2fa is enforced.
      • Documentation of the workflow needs to be written up for the certification team/auditor review
  • Next week off / next meeting March 1st

Action Items

  • Jan will talk to Dan about Concourse

Old Action Items