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ALP: Build Service Git-Packaging Workflow

Meeting Wednesdays at 07:00 UTC in


  • Adrian Schröter
  • Alberto Planas
  • Frederic Crozat
  • Jiri Srain
  • Ludwig Nussel
  • Manuel Schnitzer
  • Stephan Barth
  • Eduardo
  • Jan Z
  • pg
  • Mihaly
  • Coolo
  • Marcus Meissner

Discussion Items

  • Focused working group. Dicussing it with managers (Adrian, coolo, Jiri, Frederic, ...)
    • Agree that this is a requirement, and git is strategic (must-have) for ALP
    • No plan, and still no names for the group
  • A new developer adapted gitea login page! Now it is more easy to register and enter
  • Also the LFS proxy is now more transparent, and the GIT LFS config file is not needed
  • What is missing? Do we have a list or a project plan?
  • Some of the missing tasks (workflow definition, etc) should wait the focused working group, but some progress has made in documentation

Action Items

  • N/A

Old Action Items

  • AI: all, sync with your teams who should be involved in the review-workflow-workgroup
  • AI: dirk. setup security & monitoring on the gitea instance
  • AI: Manuel and Alberto to look at git notes
  • AI: dirk to create page on changes file discussion
  • AI: all: start using the git packaging workflow and identify the quirks
  • AI: help Dan to update documentation on how to use git based packages (add to ?)
  • AI: Adrian and snbarth to see how build status can be reported in the gitea webui for a particular source state