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  • Adrian Schröter
  • Alberto Planas
  • Stephan Kulow
  • Stephan Barth
  • Dan Čermák
  • Eduardo Navarro
  • Jiří Srain
  • Marcus Meissner
  • Manuel Schnitzer
  • Petr Gajdos
  • Jan Zerebecki

Discussion Items

  • Review process
    • One bot can trigger the CI and review the PR, if it can / should be merged
    • The goals of the WG should be clarified. Goals?
    • Better idea: mini team that will detattach from OBS and work directly in gitea, and develop bots and make adjustments as issues are found
    • JZ writting a PoC for a bot to verify reviews made in signed commits
    • A bot can create a new commit (merge commit) that will be signed, and will mark a point in the history where the changes was tested and validated
    • workgroup setup: we agreed to work on a prototype, but we need staffing for this. Coolo and adrian will discuss this with management tomorrow.

Action Items

  • AI: all, sync with your teams who should be involved in the review-workflow-workgroup

Old Action Items

  • AI: dirk. setup security & monitoring on the gitea instance
  • AI: Manuel and Alberto to look at git notes
  • AI: dirk to create page on changes file discussion
  • AI: all: start using the git packaging workflow and identify the quirks
  • AI: help Dan to update documentation on how to use git based packages (add to ?)
  • AI: Adrian and snbarth to see how build status can be reported in the gitea webui for a particular source state