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Alberto Planas

Dirk Müller

Frederic Crozat

Stephan Kulow

Stephan Barth

Adrian Schroeter

Manuel Schnitzer

Jiri Srain

Matej Cepl

Marcus Meissner

Eduardo Navarro

David Anes

Discussion Items

    • gitea is case insensitive for package names. Should not be a problem (name collisions, e.g foo-Bar and foo-bar are the same package). Future packages will have a different naming policy. Maybe the exporter script can also help.
  • Workgroup packages
    • so far existing workgroup packages are:
      • Git Hosting Infrastructure
      • Git History Importing
    • to be created: the git-workflow (based on Alberto's notes-about-git)
    • to be created: the build status reporting/integration investigation with git
  • Meeting place : should we move the meeting to jitsi? no objections

Action Items

AI: Dirk: post initial proposal from alberto and this meeting minutes to the relevant community channels AI: Adrian and snbarth to see how build status can be reported in the gitea webui for a particular source state