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This page is about an openSUSE Bretzn Sprint/meeting/hackfest

Date: 21-23 January 2011 Location: Nuremberg

Topic: The goal of this meeting is to work on an integration of on AppStore into openSUSE. The idea is to have a nice native application to browser and install applications. It should support, descriptions, screenshots, ratings, comments and more social features. The Bretzn project has all the peaces in place so an integration in openSUSE should be really easy.


  • Protocol: Open Collaboration Services
  • client library: Attica or libopengdesktop
  • server library: lib_ocs.php
  • AppStore Client: Port of KDE GHNS or the MeeGo Installer or a GTK based frontend

Goal: After this meeting we should have a name for the AppStore Client, an icon, a server implementation and a working client implementation.

This solution should be integrated with the next openSUSE release and could be a proof of concept for the upcoming Cross-distro Meeting on Application Installer.

If you are interested in attending, please indicate below:

Interested Attendees
Name Travel from: Travel support needed?
Frank Karlitschek Stuttgart No
Will Stephenson Nuremberg No
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Sevenoaks, UK Yes
Frederik Gladhorn Oslo, NO Yes
Mateu Batle Sastre Lima, Peru (LIM) Yes
Eugene Trounev Toronto, Canada Yes
Vincent Untz France No
Pavol Rusnak Czech Republic No

Anything else you want to say can go below :D

Mateu: if it does not make the flight more expensive, it would be happy to fly 2d earlier or later, but don't book hotel for the extra days.