openSUSE:12.3 polish hackathon

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openSUSE 12.3 is slated for release in March. In preparation, a group of people will gather for a 2-day hackfest at the SUSE headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. More details including hotel, Nuremberg information and more will be posted as soon as full details become available.

It takes place from Friday 19 to Saturday 20, hosted by SUSE at the office at Maxfeldstraße 5 in Nue.


Name Nickname From: Notes
C. hameleon geeko Nuremberg, Germany I am all green!
Raymond Woonink tittiatcocke Netherlands
Alin Elena Alin Ireland
Dominique Leuenberger Dimstar Earth / Netherlands
Richard Brown Ilmehtar UK
openSUSE Team Members Michal, Will, Christopher, Ludwig, Alberto...
SUSE employees from the office the openSUSE ARM team, Q&A folk and others Tomas from LibreOffice Bernard from openQA

About the meeting

In short:

  • goal is to squash bugs, polish up some features, close the seams to make it all look and work well.
  • We have a list of about 240 bugs to work on and hope to significantly reduce that number.
  • Bug query
  • Chat in #opensuse-factory
  • There will be snacks, food and fun in between the hacking.
  • We will have a G+ Hangout, starting at 10:00 CET, stopping at 12:00 CET for lunch and continuing around 14:00 CET until an undetermined time.

Practical details


The openSUSE Team will book the hotel. All should be arranged by now. The hotel will in Nuremberg, walking distance from the office where we meet.

Travel Tips


By the time you arrive, Nuremberg is COLD. Rainy, windy but not unlikely snowy and icy too. Dress warm!


We will begin our meetings Friday at 9:30 a.m., Saturday around 10:00. Each day, a Google+ Hangout is opened around 10:00 as well so people can join remotely.