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YaST Metapackage Handler

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YaST Metapackage Handler



Vendor: SUSE
Developer: YaST Team
License: GPLv2+
Web: here


One Click Install makes it easy for users to install software, no matter where that software is located.

In the past, users would have to follow instructions explaining how to add package repositories, and select certain packages for installation. Now a user need only click on a link on a webpage, or a Setup file on a CD. Upon doing so, he or she will be presented with a wizard which will guide him or her through the installation process.

If you are an openSUSE user, you will probably have noticed these install links appearing in various places.


  • Install one or more packages
  • Add one or more package repositories, permanently or temporarily
  • YMP files may be automatically generated by openSUSE Build Service projects


One Click Install works by using a special file format called YMP (YaST Meta-Package). This YMP file contains instructions which tell the package management system which packages to install, and where they are located. It is essentially a tutorial for installing the software that can be understood by the system.

It is possible to specify instructions for multiple operating systems in one file. So adding support for One Click Install to another distribution is just a matter of implementing an application that will take one of these instructions files and convert into instructions for your own package management.

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