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YaST Disk Controller

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YaST Disk Controller

Vendor: Novell
Developer: openSUSE:YaST_team
License: GPL
Web: YaST Developer Community


YaST Disk Controller lists all the disk controllers on your system. The list shows the name of the disk controller, and whether or not it is a new controller (Yes/No).


Here you can decide which kernel module you wish to use for the drive controller. This may be a module included on the openSUSE installation disks, or it may be a module provided by your disk controller manufacturer.

This also displays the status of the module; whether or not it is currently loaded. You are also given the option of loading the module in initrd, and adding module parameters.

Warning: Do not change the module parameters unless you know what you are doing. Your system can become unstable, or refuse to boot.

To prevent problems use the "Test Loading of Module" button every time you make a change, then click Finish.

If your drive controller and the drive controller kernel module allow for parameters to be passed, this is where you would enter this information.

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