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YaST2-GTK is a graphical user interface GUI plugin for YaST2 using GTK+ as the render engine. (YaST is the setup tool from Suse.) The effort was started by Michael Meeks, and taken off as Google's Summer of Code project assigned to Ricardo Cruz.


The starter YaST2 screen:


All the tools differ little, with the notable exception of the software manager and the online updater.

Screenshot of the software manager:

Sw single gtk 11 3.png

Screenshots of the Users, Partitioner and Time tools, respectively:

Users.png Disk.png Timezone.png


yast2-gtk is shipped by opensuse and can thus be installed by issuing:

sudo zypper install yast2-gtk

If you'd like to try the development version:

git clone
cd libyui-gtk
make && sudo make install

You might be required to install the dependencies as specified by the README file. Don't be afraid of installing it; as a mere plugin, the install procedure involves only the copy of a file to your system.


To report bugs, or suggest improvements, use openSUSE bugzilla. Choose YaST2 as the component, and mention the keyword "gtk" in the title.

For discussion, drop an email over Subscribe at General questions regarding yast should be posted at:

For technical information, refer to the HACKING file.