WSL/Debugging Hints

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Hints for debugging issues with WSL

Parse error or certificate trust issues when trying to launch the Appx file

The appx installer does not display meaningful error messages unfortunately. Some hints can sometimes be found in the event log though

  • open the event viewer (RMB "This PC" → Manage)
  • go to "Applications and Services Logs" → Windows → AppxPackagingOM → Microsoft-Windows-Appx-Packaging/Operational

If that doesn't yield anything the signature can be verified using openssl too:

   $ unzip openSUSE-Tumbleweed-x64-Build20200312.5.24.appx AppxSignature.p7x
   $ dd if=AppxSignature.p7x bs=1 skip=4|openssl pkcs7 -inform der > cert
   $ openssl verify -CAfile openSUSE-UEFI-CA-Certificate.crt cert
   cert: OK