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Video Shopping List 2012

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Feb 2012, ordered by jw

June 2012, ordered by jw

2013, ordered by jw

  • 3x Audio DI-Box
  • 1x epiphan KVM2USB VGA framegrabber, as an alternative to twinpact100

next (aka Wishlist)

The weekly setup in the Allhands-Area is complex, currently only a few people can do the video recording setup there.

  • I'd wish for
    • A permanent VGA grabber installed with the Projector. Including a Mini-PC to push the video to the internal network.
    • An audio mixer that can be remote-controlled. Alternatively a mobile mixer hanging on a multicore.
    • Additional room microphones mounted to the ceiling available at the audio mixer.
    • A wall or ceiling mounted robot-camera for the speaker. Including a Mini-PC to push the video to the internal network.




Potential Cameras

As dvswitch only uses standard DV, we can work with a quantity of used standard DV cameras. Typically manufactured around 2005. Note that DV cameras are no longer built by any manufacturer. There are still HDV Cameras in the semi-professional segment above 2000 EUR, but none in the consumer range below 1000 EUR.

  • Canon Legria HV40, a 900 EUR miniDV tape HDV camcorder that does both HDV or DV via firewire. Suggested by debian. ebay 849 EUR.
  • Sony HDR-HC7E, a 1000 EUR HDV camcorder PDF.
  • Sony HDR HC9E hdv, 950 EUR
  • Sony HDR-HC1E ebay hdv, 539 EUR used
  • Panasonic NV-GS300, ca 400 EUR used. Standard DV.
  • Canon Legria MV700 ebay DV only
  • Canon Legria MVX3i ebay DV only
  • Canon Legira MVX100i ebay DV only


Cameras not supporting standard DV output via firewire.

  • Russ Dastrup suggests HD-Camcorders Sony or Canon. E.g. VIXIA HF M40. No dv out here, feed analog into avdc55 ?
  • JVC GZ HD7EX, harddisk, sdcard. ca 700 eur used. No SD dv? discussion of missing live dv output
  • (JVC GZ-HD40 features sdcard+harddisk (no tape drive!), connector for external microphone, and hdv via firewire only available on the everio docking cradle while in dubbing mode. dv is not dv here (And dvswitch cannot grock hdv and the camerea blanks while firewire is connected))
  • Canon XM2 /XM1, professional looking, but weak DV performance, no HDV, and excessive price range (used 500 EUR, new 1500 EUR)