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Video Recording Alternatives

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Hardware Projects

HDMI grabbers

Recording Projects

Adhoc Live-Streaming und Recording von Veranstaltungen in/von) Erfas Freiburg

Matterhorn is a free, open-source platform to support the management of educational audio and video content. Institutions will use Matterhorn to produce lecture recordings, manage existing video, serve designated distribution channels, and provide user interfaces to engage students with educational videos.

BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. It also integrates with Matterhorn.

A US-based video team for hire. Their [blog]. They actually stole my idea of extending 4:3 slides to 16:9 video format by placing the speaker next to the slides. Looks good!

Involved components of their setup are briefly mentioned [here]. They use framegrabbers from [Epiphan]

Pro: Epiphan supports Linux

Con: Epiphan grabbers are expensive, and require an additional VGA splitter.

A live broadcast infrastructure. Broadcast Software is available for a range of mobile devices.

Pro: Trivial to use from an Android device. Set User Name, Set Password, Read Eula, Go Live.

Con: No easy way offered to broadcast from a linux box? 100 hours Ad-free broadcast are offered for 99$/month.

Con: misses linux support.

Done by Russ Dastrup.