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Hi Tsu2,

you can put your guide User:Tsu2/chroot-nspawn-OpenStack into main article SDB:Cloud OpenStack Quickstart.

Being unofficial is not the reason to avoid main article, as whole wiki site is the best effort, no warranties, type of site. --Rajko m 13:04, 29 March 2013 (MDT)

Response from Tsu2 Thanks for the endorsement and a go-ahead to make major changes to the original OpenStack Quickstart page, several times I have made minor edits before, but incorporating this Guide practically re-invents the existing Quickstart page so I decided to contribute conservatively this time. I will consider how this information might best be inserted into the original Quickstart page.

--Tsu2 10:53, 30 March 2013 (PDT)