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User talk:Rob-fortune

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Hi Rob-fortune,

thanks for the interest in the openSUSE wiki. We do appreciate your effort to help.

We want to have a wiki that is useful for everybody. Please see Portal:Wiki and articles listed there for more details.

Why article Packaging/Packagegroups was deleted? It violated few rules:

  • article is stub pointing to with absolute link and after July 12th it will point to page that is moved to openSUSE: and the link will be invalid anyway
  • title spelling is incorrect Packagegroups should be Package groups
  • slash (/) in the title is allowed in very few cases, but almost never when casual wiki visitor can see it
  • the topic packaging belongs to openSUSE: namespace

We hope that you understand that if we let article writers total freedom as they had in current incarnation of the English wiki the result will be in a short period of time wiki that is hard to navigate and to find anything, just as it is the case with current (disorganized) . This wiki is just temporary and it will be future much friendlier for people looking for advice how to do something.

For wiki team --Rajko m 11:05, 27 June 2010 (UTC)


I didn't know most of that and don't edit the wiki anymore. If I spot something wrong I just put it in IRC.