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I am a 30-something, happily married and a father of one, Linux fanboy living in tropical Malaysia.

During the late 90s, I lost my job and was faced with the choice either feeling sorry for myself by pr0n surfing or do something more sensible with my time. I decided to try out this Linux thingy that so many people were talking about; got myself a copy of Mark Minasi's Linux for Windows Administrators and never looked back.

I started off with using Mandrake 8.0, which came with the book. Liked it enough to pay to join their Mandrake Club but was pissed off when they decided to do stuff without telling us subscribers. Downloaded a copy of SUSE 8.0 and was pleasantly surprised by its polish and stability.

Later decided to move on to MEPIS, Fedora, Ubuntu and then back to the loving arms of SUSE.

I have always had a soft spot for openSUSE and SUSE technologies and was one of the very few on this side of the globe who actually went out and bought myself a full copy of SLED for my personal use.

I established the Malaysian openSUSE User Group in 2009 during the openSUSE 11.2 launch party in November 2009. A total of 75 people attended.

In all I have been using Linux and FOSS for over 10 years now and never regretted my decision to choose it over pr0n.

Currently I am employed by Novell Malaysia and prior to this I was the Training Manager at OSCC, Open Source Competency Centre; a Government agency tasked with implementing FOSS in the Malaysian Government.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Conference 2008 as a representative of the Malaysian Government to present “ as the Lynch-Pin of the Malaysian Public Sector OSS Master Plan”.

I was peeing in my pants as Mr. Samba himself Jeremy Allison, Louis Suarez-Potts, the Community Manager and a bunch of hackers were in attendance. That's what I get being in the first talk in the Government track.

I am contactable via YM! (msian_tux_lover), Gtalk ( or IRC #myopensuse.

Obey the call of the Geeko!!!