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About sebas edit

I'm an openSUSE and KDE developer, living in the Netherlands. I'm mainly concentrating on user experience in the KDE desktop and netbook projects, and I'm an active member of the opensuse-kde team.

My work involves the Plasma desktop shell, where I maintain several key components such as the Digital Clock, and the Power and Network Management Components. I'm also working on Desktop search and Email-related topics. Lately, I've been working on integration of the OBS into the Social Desktop, as part of Project Bretzn.

I've been a member of the KDE e.V. Board for several years, gaining much expertise in running an independent Free software organisation. Since I was voted, I have helped creating an organisation that is effective in supporting, but not technically steering a Free software projects, for example increasing the yearly budget for supporting the community by a factor of 4.

In my job, I work as user experience specialist for open-slx, where I contribute a lot "as upstream as possible" to the user experience of the openSUSE desktop. In this field, I am advocating a more "design driven" approach, putting the user experience in the focus of the work on the product itself.

I've been an openSUSE user since 2003 and member since about two years. I've been getting more and more involved with openSUSE development lately.

In my Free time, I enjoy hacking :-), photography, scuba diving, music and wine (esp. Port). I'm always in for the next crazy idea (if it's really crazy enough to be good. :-))

Much more information is available on my personal website and blog at

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