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User:Verstraete kenny

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About Me edit

My name is Kenny. I'm a 27 year old male from Belgium. Been using openSUSE linux since version 10.0 and I use it exclusively from then on.

Professionally, I'm an electrician. So, i'm busy all day repairing electric devices such as washers, dryers, etc... After that, it's repairing computers (hardware and software) wich I hope will one day be my profession. Although it might spoil my hobby. They always say turning your hobby into a profession is spoiling the fun... so, I'm still not sure what to with that one.

Doing some translation work in my spare time, even here on the wiki. And if i'm not behind my screen, you can find me playing guitar.

I live together with my girlfriend and her two kids.

Greetz, Kenny

Contact edit

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