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openSUSE Remote Administration(VNC)

Preamble (TMI;DR)

This article is an ambitious attempt to re-interpret parts of what are described in current LEAP documentation and incorporate new concepts from the TigerVNC ArchWiki. Although there is substantial overlap with the official LEAP documentation, this is not intended to be a replacement but only as an additional User resource to be utilized as one wishes. I claim rights to this documentation only to the extent to prevent misuse and misinterpretation. If anyone wishes to incorporate any part into official documentation or incorporate into their own resource, they are free to do so. For as long as this preamble is attached to the main documents, this documentation should be considered rough and unfinished. Descriptions of architecture and system processes are often based on my personal best effort and may be inaccurate because there doesn't seem to be much published that's clear and concise.

This documentation is largely limited to the following:

- The VNC server should be "always available" and support clients connecting without any manual startup server-side. Manual invocation is typically referred to as "User mode" and will not be covered except in passing in this article's current version although of course server processes like systemd units can be manually stopped, started and restarted. But, beyond these basic actions command parameters are not covered although conceivably that information would be useful when modifying configuration files (including Unit files).

If vncserver needs to be started and configured manually, instructions can be found in the MAN pages, the official LEAP documentation and official TigerVNC documentation.

- Unclear terminology is replaced as necessary(best effort).

- Extreme brevity is expanded at the risk of TMI;DR hopefully for better understanding.

- This documentation is based on openSUSE, on which VNC is installed differently than other distros and OS. References to likely deprecated files and configurations have been removed. It should be noted that MAN pages and documentation on the TigerVNC site are mostly inconsistent with how TigerVNC works on openSUSE, but that does not mean that there isn't valuable and even essential information in those documentation.

And, of course... Use of this documentation is at your own risk. If you have any questions about what is described in this article, ask your questions in the Technical Help Forums or IRC.

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