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About Me edit

Thomas R. Jones is a dedicated and religious member of the Bowling Green, Kentucky Linux® community. His interests are far ranging and very diverse, but if it's somehow linked to living a secure and sustainable digital life for himself and his local community then he‚Äôs probably interested. +

During his tour in the U.S. Armed Forces; he learned to enjoy the computer security area of information technology. Since his discharge, he has contributed immensely to United States national security. He has volunteered many years of work and effort to projects co-sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Currently, he is the leading contributor to a standard on how to assess and report upon the vulnerability state of computer systems. +

OpenSUSE Contributions edit

  • Authoring documentation that provides technical reference for openSUSE Linux.
  • Developing Open Vulnerability Assessment Language definitions for all Linux products of Novell/openSUSE.
  • Author of 2,000+ inventory definitions in official NIST/Mitre repository.
  • Author of 6,000+ inventory definitions awaiting update and submission to official NIST/Mitre repository.
  • Developing openSUSE+ and openSUSE¬Ī custom-built distributions through Suse Studio for customers and general public sectors.