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User:The daemon

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File:Daemon vv.jpg

Marco Michna aka daemon

About me

Yes, I was born ... long ago ('echo $(((`date +%s` - 14860920) / 31557600))') in a small town close to Bremen.
The name of the town is Delmenhorst.
Amazing that I was allowed to go to school - so I had different schools :)
During school I was mostly interested in chemistry and gave a real nice talk about "acids". Besides acids I was good at building 'fireworks' :)
By accident I learned how to fix the electric stuff in cars and everything with 4 or more than 4 wheels.
After some time at the army I learned to sell stuff to people - I was so good that I could sell a dead granny and a shovel to dig the hole...
And then this strange looking, green thing took me away :)

My life at SuSE

January 3 2000 was my first day at S.u.S.E.
I started as a supporter (mainly all stuff) and specialized on printers and other weird stuff.
During the time when I was a supporter, I have also been to a lot of trade fairs like CeBIT or LinuxTag.
I also made fun of being Henne's secretary.

I was a member of the QA-Team since August 2003.
My part at the Quality Assurance Team was to be everywhere. :)

My favorite stuff has been:

  • biiiiiiig machines aka System Z (never trust a computer that you can lift)
  • and a lot of other things, for instance creating funny test cases to bother the developers :)

But -> I do not work for SUSE anymore!

Computer History

I started with a VIC-20 (around '83). Yes, it was a real VIC-20, not the VC-20 which has been sold in Germany.
3 years later I switched to a C-64 which in Germany was called "Brotkasten" because it looked like a bread box.
A little bit later I got a C-64 in the new design and kept it till 1992.
In 1990 I had to start working on a 286 and in 1992 I bought a 386 for home use :)
According to the reseller it was the first completely "black" machine (case, monitor, keyboard) for private use.
The better machines followed soon.
Between 1993 and 1999 I had to work a lot on VT-200 terminals and learned quite a lot about administration.
Since 2003 I'm on all platforms but still have some i386 at home.


  • to busy to tell ... mostly everywhere

Activities (!= Linux)

  • I LOVE to play games (e.g. Guild Wars).
  • I am addicted to music (still need to buy some stuff for my Rolands :))
  • German history
  • Geek toys like the Robosapien
  • PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY all the time! :)


My private webpage is at - but there's really no reason to go there now.

Contact info

  • Email: (please use 'opensuse' in the subject)
  • ICQ: 121183848
  • IM: [daemon] @ freenode (IRC)