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About Me edit

My name is Striker. I have a daughter, wife and a son on the way. Linux has always been a hobby of mine. The seed was planted when I was twelve, my father introduced me to Enlightenment running on Fedora. A short while after, I wrote my first program in C+ which was an incredibly simple calculator.

Professionally, I have very few years experience with Linux. My current job is with Red Hat where I specifically support the Identity Management umbrella (IPA, Directory Server, Certificate System, SSSD, NSLCD, etc.). However, I have spent much time within Fedora, answering questions, diagnosing coredumps and assisting with module issues.

Recently, openSUSE has become a favorite of mine. Currently, I use openSUSE for Wine gaming on an AMD machine. Leap 42.1 uses a version of xorg-server that is compatible with the upstream AMD FGLRX driver, which is good news to me, however, soon I hope to be able to get AMDGPU-PRO working. The community of openSUSE also seems to have little restrictiveness in the type of issues discussed there and less policed than other channels. This makes me feel very comfortable when I speak within the IRC channels openSUSE owns.

Striker Leggette edit

Striker and Alexa

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