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About Me edit

My name is Marcus Uddenhed and i live in Sweden with my wife and 2 children. I'm currently employed at Hörby Kommun(Swedish Municipally) since 1998 as a Systems Specialist.

My interests mainly consists of computers, music & photography.

In the computer world my main area of interests are Virtualization, Databases, Server & Network Management, Shell Scripting, development in C# .NET(Both Web & Application Level) & PHP, Design.

Currently using openSUSE, FreeBSD, & Ubuntu as a platform for my endeavors.

Community Contributions:

Supporting Swedish users at the Swedish forum, SUSE forum Sverige

Doing some translations of guides on the wiki into Swedish.


Public open forum for our local municipally citizens View(Swe)

Current Projects:

Running a Swedish community site where the aim is to show that it's possible to use open source in a Municipally, Business or Schools environment. View(Swe)

Developing various software & scripts for the open source community.View

Contact edit

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