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About Me edit

  • Where do I live?

I live in Serbia, in a small town near Belgrade called Pancevo.

  • What I like about openSUSE?

First and the most important thing that i really like about openSUSE is that it is an open source software and it's free to use and redistribute. What distinguish it from other Linux distributions is its stability and the fact that openSUSE is distribution for both experts new users, which is rare and great thing.

  • What am I doing at openSUSE?

Waiting for an opportunity to prove myself.

  • What skills I have?

I've learned several programming languages, such as:

  • ANSI C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Javascript

I have advanced algorithmic knowledge which doesn't just include algorithm design and analysis, but also strategies for solving some NP complete problems.

  • More to mention:

My area of interest includes developing better algorithms for artificial intelligence, planning for AI, new machine learning techniques. I'm also interested in learning about OCR for non-printed (hand written) text, voice recognition and context dependent grammar.

Contact edit

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