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User:Robin Sheps

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About Me edit

  • Where do I live?

I am in the south of the UK, about halfway between London and the south coast

  • What I like about openSUSE?

I have used many Linux distros since I first started with Redhat in the mid 90's including Redhat, Fedora, Mandrake, Mandriva (when Mandrake changed their name), Suse, openSUSE, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian and Linux from Scratch and there are probably a few more that I have forgotten. Each one of the distro's has fulfilled a purpose but I keep coming back to openSUSE due to the flexibility it has given me. I don't need to find a new spin or branch to choose my desktop or find and install a new set of tools to give me access to simple and powerful config tools. The main thing that really draws me in though is the community.

  • What am I doing at openSUSE?

I have lent a hand with bug fixing the code and I have also helped test new leap releases. When I can I also help and try to answer questions in the community forums/chat groups.

  • What skills I have?

I am inquisitive and have a passion for learning. I have dabbled with many languages over the years and come from a sysadmin background, although I haven't been involved in that game for some years and I am a little rusty

  • More to mention:

While I am a lover of the KDE Plasma environment I have been using xfce recently and I am just looking at how I could integrate this in to MicroOS as a daily driver.

Contact edit