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Who am I: Hello, my name is Bill and I have been using SuSE/openSUSE for over 20 years and I work as an IT consultant in the US. My passion is training and helping the community grow through partnerships and collarboration. I enjoy promoting openSUSE in the workplace, utilizing YaST and Cockpit as tools for converting Windows and Mac administrators over to Linux. My non-technical hobbies include rescuing/fostering dogs, music, and sailing.

Contributions: I an very active in the openSUSE Bar where I interface with a wide variety of openSUSE users and users of other Linux distributions. My goal in the bar is to provide ideas, solutions, and feedback for anyone who joins the Bar. I also act as a community participant in the openSUSE board meetings where I gain insight into the workings of the openSUSE community. Linux in Education is a topic I am very passionate about and I work with students regularly where I teach them about Linux using openSUSE.

Recently, I was asked to speak on a Destination Linux Network podcast episode regarding the use of Linux in the education realm, where I had the opportunity to promote SUSE and openSUSE as alternatives to Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS products.

Contact: You can find my contact information on

Endorsements Please provide any endorsements below if you feel they are warranted:

KaratekHD: I believe that Bill should have the openSUSE membership. The community can greatly benefit from his knowledge. He also gets new people to openSUSE, which is a really nice thing.

Knurpht: I concur with KaratekHD.

m4u (ミΦ ﻌ Φミ)∫ : I've had the pleasure to interact with Bill and he's a very knowledgeable, motivated and driven person who can bring a lot of positive input to the openSUSE project. I fully support his membership application.