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P Sibi


  • Region: Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
  • Time Zone: +5.30


  • Name: P.Sibi
  • Email:
  • Mobile: +919487847592
  • Address: 4/230-14 Sunderam Nagar, Muthiahpuram, Tuticorin-628005, India


I'm presently doing my undergraduate course in Computer Science and Engineering. I initially came in touch with the UNIX environment during the 1st semester of my college life and i feel extremely comfortable working with openSUSE. Since then i have made a large number of people and friends to work with openSUSE for their daily uses. Here in Kumbakonam(this is the place where my college is located), very few people know about Linux and the GNU tools. And although initially people didn't like switching over to openSUSE environment, they now like it due to its stability and its virus-free nature unlike other non-UNIX like operating systems.

I love to program in various languages. I presently have my skills in the following languages: C C++ C# Java

I'm currently learning python. And of course I love bash scripting.