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About Me edit

Tim Möhlmann, aka Muhlemmer.

Hello Folks,

I grew up in a small village, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays I life more south, near the cost in a nice city called Middelburg. I enjoy this place at best by going to the beach and it's nice center with plenty bars and restaurants.

For a living I work as a Marine Service Engineer, for a shipyard, mostly solving warranty issues. In all-round in this field. This includes Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Engines, Navigation equipment, Electrics etc. I try to specialize myself in electrics and automation, as these two together are on the number one place in malfunctions on a ship. Also this is relatively new. As ships are already being build for centuries, but automation just came around the corner 20 years ago.

I'm quite young for my profession. (10 years younger than the second to follow). I belong, as the old folks say, to the Nintendo generation. This give me a big advantage in the automation tecnique, which is always being improved and on every ship it's different.


openSUSE, or other linux, is a nice way to learn how things work. For me it's relieble and complete. If not, you can make it complete. Want to set up remote access? Just install the package. Want to set up an proxy server, a webserver, a FTP server? Perhaps a firewall for you LAN. Yes, I enjoy the endless possibilities of Linux and openSUSE.


This wiki, being a major online resource, helped me on my way into Linux. Off course not everything is covered here, people, including me, are working on that all the time. Using this as a resource for information, I noticed some things not 100% correct. Mistakes in how to's, maybe some software updates changed or added some option etc. This is how I started making small edits to the wiki. But small edits grew to be big one and the big ones grew to re-writing some articles.

In the mean time the wiki-team was working hard on the new wiki and transferring everything. I was searching for topics that touched mine, found a lot that had to be done. This resulted me in communicating with the wiki-team and shortly after I joined them. Now I'm working on everything I can find, not limited anymore by my own interests. The nice thing about it is, you get to read a lot more than when you're searching for something. I get to read tons of information and learning more and more about the possibilities of openSUSE.


Within linux I'm practiced in using the command line, I know a lot about openSSH and it's configuration. I'm becoming more and more trained in freeNX and know 1 or 2 things about tunneling X over a SSH connection (including full desktop environments)

During my work on the wiki I got particular interest in the KIWI-LTSP project. This is on my "to learn" list. When all this craziness for the new wiki is over, I will start working on that.

Contact edit

Honey, I think the sewer is plugged again! Ooh well...

Contact info


irc.opensuse.org #opensuse-wiki
Nick: Muhlemmer

Work edit

I'm working on both the old and new wiki right now. Curious what I'm up to? Check out my work page People who have to transfer a lot of images, like me, might want to have look at this page