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This article decribes how to install openSUSE from inside Windows without configuring the BIOS.


Instlux is a way of booting from the openSUSE DVD via the Windows(TM) bootloader, eliminating the need of reconfiguring the BIOS to do so. This can be useful for computers that are not capable of booting from a DVD, or for users who are unwilling, or unable to tweak the BIOS settings to do so.


Instlux make it easy to install openSUSE from windows. Simply run the installer from Windows, and do not worry any more about configuring your system to boot from a CD or DVD.

From Microsoft Windows

  • Insert your openSUSE media in your DVD drive.
  • Go to My Computer > CD/DVD Drive
  • Click on openSUSE_LOCAL.exe
  • Select the desired language
  • Click next and install Instlux
  • Reboot your system, it will automatically start the openSUSE installer.

Source code

Instlux is based on Marc Herbert's web page and was started as a project on October 2005.

In order to compile it on Windows, you will need:

Then, just run the script.

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