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About Me edit

Welcome to my personal information page! My name is Kim Groneman and I'm the technical administrator for the openSUSE Forums. You may ask "What the heck is a Technical Administrator?". I have been heavily involved with the forums since before their creation. I procured the hardware and the software and took on the responsibility of hosting the forums. (It wasn't part of my "day job".) I manage the installation...creating/deleting links and forums when needed. I have made it my responsibility to ensure the openSUSE forums run smoothly from a software/hardware standpoint. I'm also part of the openSUSE forum staff and help with the management and decision making regarding the forums when I can be of assistance.

I work for NetiQ/Novell/SUSE as the Forums/Search specialist. My official title that's supposed to impress people (it never works) is "Senior Manager". I've worked for Novell since 1991 been involved with online forums at Novell for almost all of that time. I've since spread out and have created the openSUSE forums, then the SUSE forums and finally the NetIQ forums (All Attachmate Group business units) Online communities is my passion and I was delighted to get involved with the openSUSE project.

I live in Cedar Hills, Utah, USA with my wife and have 5 children who have grown up and left home and have given me 10 grandchildren to date. When I'm not working or on the forums, I like to go camping, ATV riding, and 4 wheeling in my Jeep in the diverse and beautiful wildernesses of Utah. Kgroneman.jpg

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