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About Jim Henderson

I was featured in 2009 in the People of openSUSE - if you're looking to get to know me a little better, that is a good place to start.

I was employed by Novell from 2003 until May 2011, when I was caught in the post-Attachmate acquisition layoff.

While I was with Novell, I held positions as an ATT Instructor (specializing in eDirectory and Novell's identity solutions) and as a back-line forum support person for the Novell support forums.

I currently am seeking employment opportunities, preferably that would permit me to live in the Portland, Oregon area. If you know if a position that might be a good fit, please send me a PM on the forums and let's talk. I have a background in Information Technology, IT certification programs, performance based testing, technical writing, and program management. I'm a very good problem solver, and I love a good challenge that allows me to be creative in finding a solution. I work well both solo and as part of a team, and like to lead a team to carry out a joint vision.

Prior to working for Novell, I was a systems engineer at a Fortune 50 company, having spent the better part of 15 years working in various roles in Information Technology.

I also spent close to that amount of time with various levels of involvement in the Novell support forums (in whatever incarnation since they were hosted on CompuServe) - as a forum lead, a subject matter expert (at the time, we used the CompuServe term "SysOp").

My online forum experience stretches back into the 80's, when I was a participant on several BBS' - including on the Twin Cities' Computer Network (TCCN) where I moderated a forum on science fiction media. I also used to run a private FidoNET node when I was in college.

At college, I originally was studying to be an aeronautical engineer, but I found I couldn't hack the chemistry, so I switched to aviation computer science (where I had to learn engineering physics). That lasted as long as the funding did (not long enough, as it happens), and I left to start working in IT before earning my degree.

I've contributed to and co-authored a few books on Novell's NDS and eDirectory products, as well as having done technical review on a few.

I've done a little of what I call "hack coding" (I was taking classes in software development as part of my degree), but I don't often write code from scratch - I usually am modifying existing code.

Outside of computing, I enjoy the occasional hike in the mountains (but not camping!) and watching movies and the odd program on TV. I also enjoy cooking now and again, as well as spending time with my family.