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Gavin Rozzi

I'm a high school student, and started my own IT support and consulting service at the age of 14. After becoming increasingly fed up with the world of propreitary software/hardware and restrictive serviceswe are trapped in. In order to share what's good about free and opensource software, I also started my own blog, TechCentral. I am a Linux enthusiast and am commited to free software. You can read my blog, TechCentral Here


Novell account: Grozzi Email: or Phone: 732-820-0377 Freenod IRC nick: gavinsane


Promoting the use of free software everywhere - Demonstrating why openSUSE/FOSS is better both technically, and for your freedom. Helping to drive mainstream adoption of openSUE/FOSS over proprietary alternatives and in more households. Helping new users install openSUSE. Assisting in any other way shape or form possible. Promoting and giving a voice to free software through my blog.