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About Me edit

Hi, my name is Fernando Mejía and I'm a software egineering student in Guatemala, at the university of San Carlos, as part of my learning in this career I had the chance to know GNU/Linux in the form of openSuSE in 2007. Since then I have realized the great ethic value that is involved in free software and it's promotion. And with openSUSE I have found a reliable distribution that has a big community and support behind it. And I'm very glad to have the chance to give something back to it :).

I have also found that the opensuse related proyects are very interesting, especially the following ones:

  • SUSEstudio
  • OBS

Some other things to know about me:

  • Founder of the openSuSE lug in Guatemala
  • Collaborator for different free software groups in Guatemala: Lugusac, SLGT, opensuse-gt
  • I was born in Honduras
  • I'm a buddhist practitioner :)
  • I'm a certified state alchemist also... just kidding

Contact edit