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About Me edit

Name : Claes BĂ€ckström

Date and Place of birth: Jun 9, 1975 - Kristinehamn, Sweden.

Personal life: Single, living with two Chinchillas and doing average geeky stuff.

Where I have been living: Kristinehamn, Sweden (1975-1998) Stockholm, Sweden (1998-Present)

Contributions : openSUSE advocacy (I will travel in Sweden to talk about openSUSE), games packaging stuff, Factory testing, Was a member of the two first openSUSE Election Committees, Moderator on, Translations on the Swedish openSUSE wiki.

Interests: Virtualization, Linux, FLOSS, Technology and Free Culture in general.

Worked at : Hallsten & Partners (now defunct) (1998-2001) True Learning (now defunct) (2001-2003) Azlan Training Scandinavia (2003-2006) Global Knowledge Network Sweden (2006) Cornerstone Sweden (Aug 2006-2010) Real Time Services AB (Aug 2010-Present)

Contact edit