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I'm a IT Freelancer for almost 5 years. I used to be a System Administrator. But some how that company got a financial problem and closed already. It was May 2005, since on that day. I'm working as freelancer.

My ride on TUX begin on 1998. It started with my Uncle show me the Red Hat 6 to me. I was impressed on how this Windows got 4 desktops. ;-) . At that time, I was 18 years old and still study. Started on 2002, I graduate as Statisticians, but I'm looking forward to go further in IT worlds. So I manage to apply as a Technical Leader. After all, I have tried many distro at "newbie" level and found out that openSuSE much more "cool" compare other distros.

By 2009, I started to play major role involved with the community called Open Source Developer Club Malaysia to organize the biggest event last year. The motto of the conference, "Open to change".

Due to popularity, openSuSE is no the chosen one in the Malaysia, compare with other distro like Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat/Fedora. In order to solve this matter, I would like to propose to the Novell to play a community role like,to have twice a year mini-conference purposely highlighting the capability of the Green Gecko.

Hopefully, in future we can see many Green Flag raised in each organization in Malaysia... ;-)

Contact me,

  • via email :
  • via Facebook : [1]
  • via Twitter : [2]
  • via #freenode IRC: g3ck0
  • via IM
    • Yahoo! Messenger: antropose1
    • Gtalk : hidzuan