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About Me edit

Welcome to my little corner of the openSUSE Wiki.

My name is Ursan Marius Bogdan, i`m from Romania, City of Pitesti, Arges County. I don`t like to talk much about my self as a person but i hope that my openSUSE Connect profile or my openSUSE Forum profile helps in finding more info`s about me. I am proud to be a Romanian, as proud i was to be an openSUSE user for a long time. My star sign is Leo but i tend to like the winter season more :)

I promoted openSUSE as a free and stable alternative to commercial products whenever i got the opportunity, both for desktop and server use. As of september 2013 i had retired from the position of openSUSE Member and stopped all openSUSE related activities. For now you may call me an "average joe" with an eye on openSUSE.

Contact edit

If you want to communicate with me please use the most convenient channel for you; don`t spam me because i will ignore your messages :)

  • [mailto:]
  • - on skype
  • - on yahoo
  • - on Gtalk
  • Creatura85 on Freenode IRC