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Hi all I have been using personal computers since 1980. I am originally a Unix user but have migrated to Linux which is exciting to see the changes in the culture and progress of Linux. I am an active member of the following organizations.

Phoenix Linux Users Group

The Arizona Business and Liberty Experience

I recently had a great talk with Aaron Seigo from the KDE team at the last conference and he was explaining how developers need to push back on hardware companies for good drivers.

I enjoy spreading the word of Opensuse since I believe it's the most mature and polished desktop of the top 3 flavors of linux.

Social: facebook,twitter
Chat with Chuck Diesel: [1],

Experience in the following Operating Systems:






LINUX (Mandrake, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Knoppix, Moblin)


Windows 95 through Vista "Was required for work"  : )