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Hi: I'm Carl Fletcher

  • Mail: opensuse.forums <at> gmail <dot> com

My current setup is as follows:

Box: Box: openSUSE 12.2 | KDE | M2N4-SLI | AMD 64 X2 5200+ | nVidia 8500GT | 4GB RAM

I'm not a geek or a nerd, more of an enthusiast. I frequent the openSUSE forums mostly to offer help. I have worked in the Forum as a Moderator and now have the responsibility as a Forum Administrator. I live in the UK's Lake District. I do system admin and general troubleshooting on a range of systems and some editorial work for a popular Linux magazine. I'm a long standing member of the Novell Knowledge Partner Program: Novell Knowledge Partners

I work with the openSUSE development releases at a user level to assist with bug reports and generally get involved in just about everything connected to user support in the forum and also IRC

Lap #1: openSUSE 12.2 | Pentium Duo T4300 | KDE 4.10 | Intel M4 Graphics | Lenovo G550 | 3GB RAM

Lap#2 openSUSE 12.2 | KDE 4.10 | Celeron 550 | Intel 965GM | Lenovo R61e

Some of My Contributions