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About Me edit

This is me

Can't really remember exact date when I touched Linux, but it was in the SuSE 4.2 happy days. Since then SuSE became my only distribution I used at home.

Sometimes I'm using ready-made distros, but sometimes I'm asked to do a custom build (esp. in schools, libraries and in the business).

I can't say I'm the guru guy, but I'm trying ;)


  • I'm happy to be an openSUSE member;
  • I'm an active educator in my area, I promote OpenSUSE in Education and Culture organizations;
  • I'm a PLUG member and creator of StLUG;
  • Sometimes I translate software;
  • I'm an active ARM and MIPS developer;
  • I'm proud member of IoT board.
  • I used to be a systems administrator. Now I run my own company.


gardening to get rid of the stress :)