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About Me

Hi, I am Aswin. I am from Kerala, a western coastal state of India. I have been involved in the opensource world for last 3 years. I started using Ubuntu then to fedora. I have been involved in fedora-india community for about a year. Now successfully migrated to openSUSE world!

Basically I am an embedded developer. Mostly I am working with ARM microcontroller and microprocessors. I like hacking. Hacking gives new meanings to innovations.


I am holding a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and communication engineering from Anna University,Chennai.

My experience with FOSS communities

I have started using free and open source software without knowing what that was!. IT@School it was a project organized by Kerala state government in association with Free Software Foundation. When I was perusing my 8th standard I have introduced to Linux. I remember at that time I used to work in basic text editors, open office,gimp and other simple stuffs. 4 years after that when I joined my college for my graduate course. things changed.My father bought a new laptop for me.That comes with ubuntu OS. Cool I started googling, how to operate it. I got really amazed with the performance and happiness while working with linux. People always noticed me that I am doing something in terminal like a geek!. Cool.... I think I need to involve in community to contribute to opensource software. I find fedora is much more community oriented than Ubuntu. at that time Mr.RMS have came up with some issues of Ubuntu. So I thought its the time to change the OS. Fedora was a nice option for me. The community is much more active than any community in India. And of-course rpm is more scientific than deb. Almost 2 year I used fedora as my primary OS. But I have messed-up with some of their releases. Python and c is my favorite languages. Since I am an embedded developer. I used to work in C than any other languages. Python is a cool option for any other tasks. I am one of the volunteer for PyconIndia.

To get to know about PyconIndia please visit :

I am one of the PSSI - Python software society member

Contact edit

  • email :
  • Facebook : aswin.venu.71
  • Twitter  : Aswin_D_Hacker
  • aswin on IRC
  • github : Aswin21