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About Me edit

  • What do i do?

I am a Computer Engineering undergrad student. I live in New Delhi, India (The Country of Taj Mahal)

  • What I like about openSUSE?

It was the first Linux Distro i ever tried in my life back when i was in high school. Shifted to other Distros but i am back to openSUSE.

  • What skills I have?

Currently I have skills as follows:

  • C,C++,JAVA
  • Python,Shell Scripting Bash.
  • HTML
  • Managing a Web Server
  • Hobby of creating videos and editing them.
  • More to mention:

A die hard coder and a LINUX Fan Boy,love to dig deep in everything about computers. An avid Linux Missionary who loves to spread the message of FOSS and the power of Linux. Core Member of JMI-LUG Jamia Millia Islamia University LUG. Joint Secretary of Computer Society of India JMI Chapter.

Contact edit