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User:Abhi kotecha

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About Me edit

Hi, My name is Abhishek S. Kotecha. As of 2011, I am 21 years old, live in Gujarat, and currently in Final year of my graduation from MPSTME, NMIMS University, Mumbai. I have been using Linux since last 2 and a half years, started with Fedora but for few weeks, and then switched to open-SuSE Linux 11.1, finally I am dual booting open-SuSE 11.3 with Linux Mint 10 on my VAIO Notebook.

I am little disappointed on my self as I have never been able to provide some valuable contribution to the beloved community of open-SuSE and Open-source though I always desire. Be it my hectic exam schedules or improper time management I always regret about this. Though I worked as a volunteer and also initiated some events to spread some words on GNU/Linux and FOSS Community. And currently busy with my project on Cloud and Cluster based computing and trying to introduce Linux and other Open-source tools to the small and medium scaled businesses. I hope my skills can contribute to this brilliant world I live, which is empty for me with-out Open-source community. Up for you all guys... :}

Contact edit

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