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openSUSE had a t-shirt image design contest for the openSUSE Conference 2019. See the results.

Screenshot-2019-1-15 T-Shirt Design Contest.png


Community members can create a T-Shirt design image for oSC19 between Dec. 1 and Jan. 15. Example images of the T-Shirt design should be uploaded to this wiki page. The winning design will be announced the week after the Jan. 15 deadline.


The images must meet certain requirements. The T-Shirt Design Contest has the following requirements:

  • The image(s) design for the t-shirt must be an .svg format.
  • The image(s) needs to be emailed to ddemaio (@) opensuse.org.
  • The image(s) should be added to the contest wiki page along with an example, which should show the image on a t-shirt. The color of the t-shirt for the example is the designer’s choice.
  • The image(s) design must be a size that is able to be printed at the same size on small and 3XL tshirt. This means that designs can not be printed at the bottom, top or edges of the t-shirt and can not wrap around the t-shirt.
  • Each design should not have more than two images, front and back.
  • Must include the words openSUSE Conference in the design.


by kopstukken #2

The above image is an example from the tshirt design contest from the openSUSE Conference in 2016.

Submitted Designs

Please submit your design below:

T-Shirt Design 1 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 2 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 3 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 4 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 5 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 6 by cho2
T-Shirt Design 7 blue by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 7 black by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 8 blue by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 8 black by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 9 blue by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 9 black by dnaruda
T-Shirt Design 10 by Raniaamina
T-Shirt Design 11 by pramastarr