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Template:Screenshot step/doc

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Open a new table with {|, insert template for each step and close table at end of list with |}

{{Screenshot step|
Text for instruction 1
{{Screenshot step|
Text for instruction 2

This template can be used to insert an instruction line in howto's which consist multiple screenshots. Each line consists of text explaining (right) the step that is undertaken and the applicable screenshot (left). The template itself is only 1 line in a table. The table must still be opened manual, followed by this template for each instruction. At the end of the list the table must be closed again manual. The screenshots are displayed as 150px wide thumbs, when the screenshot is clicked on, the user will be pointed directly to the full version of the image, so not the "File:image.png" page. A screenshot is not mandatory for each step, a blank area will appear when no screenshot is specified. See also the example.