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Console Game Emulators

Consoles are ordered by name. Emulators are ordered by usability. All emulators are available on openSUSE Build Service.
Vendor Console Emulators
Microsoft Xbox -
Xbox 360 -
Xbox One -
Nintendo Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) higan / Mednafen
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) higan / Mednafen
Nintendo 64 (N64) Mupen64Plus
GameCube (NGC) Dolphin Emulator
Wii Dolphin Emulator
Wii U -
VirtualBoy realityboy
GameBoy (Color) higan / Mednafen / gnuboy
GameBoy Advanced mgba / higan / Mednafen
Nintendo DS (NDS) -
Nintendo 3DS (3DS) -
Sony PlayStation (PSX) PCSX-Reloaded / ePSXe / Mednafen / PCSX
PlayStation2 (PS2) PCSX2
PlayStation 3 (PS3) RPCS3
PlayStation 4 (PS4) Orbital
PlayStation Portable (PSP) PPSSPP
PlayStation Vita (PSV) -