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This page is in need of attention!

  • This page contains no definition of the lemma "Terminal".
  • The different meanings of terminal or console are not explained in this article.
  • Nor is the meaning of "shell" defined.
  • Also other technical terms are used without any explanation or at least a link to an explanation (for example: "GUI").
  • For the most part this page contains no article at all but just a list of (bash) commands.
  • What is this page "Terminal" for? Just a listing/collection of some often used and combined commands for the shell "bash"?
  • This page has nearly no connection to existing wiki articles.
  • If the user does not already know how tho work with a shell in a console (or a graphical program for simulating/emulating a console in GNOME, KDE etc.) - this article will not teach him: there is not at least a mention how to start a/get into a console or a console emulation.
  • There is also not any connection to openSUSE to see. Why should this be a part of the "Presentation of the current version of the openSUSE distribution" (see the definition of the members of this namespace on Help:namespace)?
  • This page is in this state not useful for an 'normal' user/consumer of openSUSE so it should not stay in the namespace "main". Maybe with a some fix-up it may be useful in the namespace SDB. And perhaps with much effort it might become in the future something for the main namespace.

--Pistazienfresser 08:11, 9 July 2010 (UTC)