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Where are the wiki-pages?

As a new user I'm here on the wiki-site to find wiki pages about openSUSE (and optional, and as a 2nd priority, sub/sister projects). And by wiki-pages I'm thinking of how-tos, technical-documentation, FAQ and the like. I can't find any pages from the start-page (I only run into the wiki-pages/articles when doing Google search). I don't find the wiki-site very logical and intuitive. It would be nice to have a TOC/category-overview of all the wiki-pages. If it exist somewhere, I can't find it. I did look at the "Navigation" menu, but in my view, it doesn't provide the TOC/Category-overview I'm looking for. In my view this should be the must important and what you should see on the start-page.

- Georg > I agree, it would be nice to have some quick links to common categories, currently you need to go to Navigation -> Support -> Documentation -> Configuration/How-To's/etc.

Kiwi Dead Link

The final link in the Kiwi section as "Also see Kiwi" is a dead link --Ddyess 19 Dec 2020


DISPLAYTITLE works on the first letter, correcting case. Wikipedia wants to have URL and the article title the same. --Rajko m 17:28, 27 February 2010 (UTC)

Home Page

The home page for openSUSE links to here in the "Discover It" banner, promising tutorials, documentation, etc.. - but there isn't any obvious links to tutorials or documentation here. How about a "getting started" link to the current documentation portal (eg.

Main Paragraph Links

All three main paragraphs do have a first link, which get to same content. Please don't make look like redundant crap!

--ulenrich 2010-07-11

I would not prefer if the first link in every paragraph would lead to a article with content quite different from the content of this paragraph or no links at all or no main page.
I thought that the principles of an overview/summary/synopsis (and the difference to a detailed description) would be roughly known to most of the users of this/any wiki.
But maybe the help and concept pages of this wiki like Help:Portal and Portal:Wiki should be easier to find or to understand or should contain a special page with a detailed description of the principles of a summery as this principles seems to be not so commonly known as I had presumed before.
--Pistazienfresser 13:30, 11 July 2010 (UTC)

Would be nice to have the "Release in 18 hours" pointing to somewhere with more details... Till now it's everywhere stating that "11.2 is released" , yeah,great, that was 9 months ago!!!

Dich 2010-07-14


I would prefer to have the roadmap back on the main page

Dich 2010-07-15

What about a window with news instead? And improve/expend the roadmap with detailed informations about new and dropped packages etc. so the openSUSE wiki users and contributors can easier check if they and the wiki articles are up to date? --Pistazienfresser 13:22, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
This does not have to be on the frontpage. We don't want to overload it. Less is more!-- Hennevogel 13:42, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
Yes, personally I like this new main page: much 'calmer' so I can concentrate on and see the real main things. I more wanted to make/thought of a propose for a compromise.--Pistazienfresser 13:53, 15 July 2010 (UTC)
And my suggestion for the roadmap had nothing to do with the main page - only as the issue of this discussion was roadmap (, too) I thought about this (again). An other place for this date-related links would be the 'news' on the Portal:Factory.--Pistazienfresser 13:53, 15 July 2010 (UTC)


I have NO idea why you would want to place the links for user manuals at the bottom of the software download page - where NO one is going to find them.

In essence you are just completely discouraging any New User.

Us old users are well use to winging it! Why cant you simply put the start-up guide next to the download selection on the download page. The Full user Manual next and the Network Installation Guide next to the Network Download Option. - Its really not that hard!

Whilst we are talking about user Manuals ALL of your current links for 11.3 direct you to Novell Documentation, however there is NO 11.3 Documents available what-so-ever.

On the RHS of the 11.3 downloads page, the Help Topic list Official Manuals. The Official Manuals link on the 11.3 Download page takes you to which is the 11.2 User Manuals - This is useless Link and poorly conceived, let alone lacking in total 11.3 content. No matter how much I search I am unable to find ANY 11.3 Documentation what-so-ever.

YAY TEAM!!!!!!


quotation: Why cant you simply put the start-up guide next to the download selection on the download page. The Full user Manual next and the Network Installation Guide next to the Network Download Option. - Its really not that hard!


Also if you are allone without the transferpossibility curently then you ( I ) need the computer!


It is true that there is lack of this pages. I'm currently working on that, since I noticed it myself a bit to late. I wanted to start on this 2 days ago, but i n order to obtain some screen shots I started installing myself. This gave me some issues (because I tried new/stupid things) and put me out of the running for the last 2 days. Read: no bootable computer. So I apologize.

I think due to the wiki transfer just before the release, this pages where more or less forgotten. Next release I hope we do better ;) --Muhlemmer 18:57, 20 July 2010 (UTC)

Installation Options in New SDB and NON-Retention of Subjects and Details

The new SDB looks very pretty but as far as retaining specific Installation Help from the old SDB; It looks like you have murdered the old SDB Information.

I can also see that you have not ported many old SDB Pages into the New Look SDB. I would strongly suggest that any old SDB page that has over 1,000 hits on it be an immediate candidate for keeping the subject help, format and information content.

I have NO idea what criteria you have used to move the old SDB Subject and Details into the New SDB. It is perfectly clear that you have NOT considered user reference in respect to the hit counters. I recall may SDB Subjects and Details that all have over 2,000 hits that have evaporated in the transfer.

I would suggest you view ALL old SDB Subjects and content, and any page with a hit count of over 1,000 be an immediate candidate for its retention. Why? The answer is easy, if a Subject and Content gets over 1,000 hits or more it proves the relevance of Subject, Scope, Audience, and value without guessing what gets transferred to the new Wiki SDB and what does not.

Instead of Editing this Post Mercilessly why not take this Issue On-board

Scott 2010-07-17 2330 GMT

FAQ / Quick Start

It should be easy for new users to consult the FAQ and a direct link on the homepage would be a good and light solution.


openSUSE project sponsor

Might be a good idea to reference the openSUSE project sponsor on the main page ? "the openSUSE project is a SUSE-sponsored community initiative that promotes the use and development of Linux everywhere." Could someone add it please? Gameboy974 (talk) 10:43, 15 February 2016 (UTC)

Tumbleweed is badly broken. Anytime "Security"-branded packages are rendered non-functional should NOT be normal but should be of HIGH priority.