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This page is obsolete, see for more current 'howto'.

The Concepts of Easy-LTSP are as follows:

1.You will need a server, or PC to act as a server.

2. A network switch with 8, 16, or 24 ports is needed. You can daisy chain or concatenate two or more switches depending on the number of terminals you wish to connect to the server.

3. Two network interface cards are required for your server. One to connect directly to your main network and internet, eth0 and one eth1 to connect your terminals or PXE boot computers on their own internal network to the server.

4. It would be good to connect the terminals to 10/100 mbs switches while using a 1 gbs network card for the outside world. This would help alleviate a condition called bottle necking.

5. For greater through put, you can use 1 gbs nic and switch for your internal network and two bridged 1 gbs cards to the outside world.

3. Your server will act as your gateway to the world. Also, it will act as your firewall to the internal network.

4. Before we forget, LTSP is Linux Terminal Server Project. It is found here: The easy part is the availability of a gui with which to control the server and terminals.

5. To be continued (In Development)

For more information: